Every day in the United States children are injured in a variety of accidents that cause many severe injuries. Many of these child injuries could have been avoided if a responsible adult was properly supervising these children or if other safety measures had been taken. Unfortunately, negligence is a common factor that leads up to children's injuries. Our firm has represented many families of whom their children have been injured due to negligence. If your child has been injured in an accident please contact the Nevada Child Injuries Lawyers at The Law Office of David Sampson, LLC.Children are injured in many different situations, including:
• Drowning
• Choking
• Falling
• Cuts
• Car accidents
• Poisoning
• Animal Bites/AttacksPremises liability is one example of negligence that can cause injuries in children. An unsafe pool or playground has the potential to cause injury in children. Product liability, such as faulty car seats and strollers, cribs, flammable children's clothing, and unsafe toys are a large factor in the injuries of children. The misdiagnosis of an illness and mistreatment of an illness are both examples of medical malpractice, which may also cause injuries to children.

We know that the emotional, physical and financial losses due to injuries to your child can be overwhelming and unexpected. Our Nevada personal injury attorneys will do everything necessary to recover compensation for the injury that your child has suffered.

If your child has been injured in an accident due to the negligence of another please contact the Nevada Children's Injury Lawyers at The Law Office of David Sampson, LLC.

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